Frequently Asked Questions about

Asset-Based Lending

How is Risk Reduced?

4M&I & CAFI perform very uniquely as an unregulated Asset-Based Lending Company by lending funds via short-term debt to CAFI. CAFI lends money to Government, Federal, & Small Business on progress invoices with a tested joint check agreement/assignment between their customers and the account debtors, who promise to repay CAFI directly within a specified period of time. This model has been tested and proven during all of CAFI’s 22 years in business.

What is the Market Size for this type of Business?

Approximately the market size as of 2016 sits at approximately $233.58 billion market for asset-based lending in the U.S.

What is the relationship between 4M&I, LLC and CAFI?

  • 4M&I, LLC provides a Revolving Line of Credit (RLOC) to CAFI to fund Invoices it purchases from its customers.
  • CAFI guaranties all payments to 4M&I, LLC.
  • CAFI assumes all of the liability and is responsible for any collections.
  • CAFI’s customers do not know where CAFI acquires its money and have no knowledge of 4M&I, LLC (similar to a company borrowing money from a Bank).

Which type of companies are good candidates for CAFI & 4M&I?

  • Commercial Construction Contractors
  • Service Contractors
  • SBA 8(A) Contractors
  • Federal Government, State & City Municipalities Primary and Sub-Contractors.
  • Engineering Companies
  • Architects
  • Ground Maintenance
  • Long Haul Trucking Companies
  • IT Tech Support
  • Home Health Care

What type of companies are in CAFI’s Portfolio?