4M&I provides

Stable High Yield Returns.

4M&I offers returns that often times are higher than, bank CD’s, high yielding stocks, & bonds. 4M&I can provide this without the risk and volatility of the stock and real estate markets.

4M&I has built a relationship with CAFI, a seasoned lending partner, who has a 22 year history of lending money to businesses throughout the Southwest United States.

Through our Invoice-Based Line of Credit Program, we give businesses the ability to grow, hire more employees and pursue more work as our economy continues to grow a rapid pace.

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Management Team

The unique structure of the company has provided an Alternative Source of Financing for any business that generates accounts receivables with Government Agencies.

As well as, securing a lending program that Investors can feel confident investing in.




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Investors in El Paso, Texas – Early Investors

“We’ve never had to worry about our investment with 4M&I. We love that we receive our Interest Checks on-time every Quarter”.

Investors in Austin, Texas – Early Investors

“Over the past two years, my husband and I have invested money with 4M&I. During that time our experience with both Terri and Edgar has been very pleasant and professional. They are always available to assist us with any questions or concerns we may have when needed. We feel we are in great hands with them handling our hard earned money and plan to invest more in the near future”.

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